Little Learners Nursery

The Nursery at Ormiston Herman Academy provides the option of all day sessions, morning or afternoon sessions each day and offers a total of 52 places. During their time in the nursery, The Little Morning Learners and The Little Afternoon Learners will begin their learning in the Foundation Stage which ends when they reach Year One. We are proud of our nursery and the exciting range of activities it provides, which stimulates the children’s development and prepares them for later life.

  • Morning sessions run from 8.30am to 11.30am
  • Afternoon sessions run from 12.00pm to 3.00pm
  • All day sessions 08:30am – 3:00pm

The nursery sessions are taught by Mrs Jackson and Mrs Roberts (teacher) and Miss Robertson and Mrs Blyth (teaching assistants). Children in the nursery have the opportunity to take part in both child-initiated and adult-led activities.

If you would like to find out more about our ‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted, 2017) Nursery please contact us on Tel: 01493 661 355 | Email: [email protected].

“Children are taught very effectively by a well-led team of teacher and teaching assistants. Their planning is informed by accurate and frequent assessment of the children’s responses.”

Ofsted 2017

We are extremely proud of our Outstanding, teacher led Nursery, the exciting range of activities that it provides to stimulate children’s development and prepare them for later life.

We strongly believe in the importance of promoting independence from an early age and recognise that Early Years Education plays a vital role in lifelong learning and development.

We encourage Little Learners to boost their learning through exploring, creativity, independence, and fun in our amazing indoor and outdoor areas.

Our topics are based around our inquisitive Little Learner’s interests.  We also offer variation throughout the week, each day being different from the last and including the following themes: Movement Mondays, Trim Trail Tuesdays, Welly Wednesdays, Thinking Thursdays and Foodie Fridays.

“Teaching in the early years is highly effective and helps children to make a very strong start to learning.”

Ofsted 2017

With research evidence strongly suggesting that the most effective Early Years provision occurs in settings led by a qualified teacher, we are delighted to be one of only a few teacher-led nurseries in the local area. Specifically, recent research suggests that children who attend teacher-led nursery have more advanced language and communication skills compared to their day-care attending peers. Please visit this link for more information.

A 2016 report entitled ‘Lighting Up Young Brains’ highlights the ‘critical role’ that teachers in Early Years play in supporting all children, regardless of their background, to achieve their full potential. As part of a Primary Academy, we understand the importance of ensuring school readiness so that children enter Reception appropriately equipped with the skills required for the next stage of their learning.

“The environment is bright and welcoming, and staff use both the indoor and outdoor areas skillfully to provide children with a stimulating range of activities to help them to learn.”

Ofsted 2017

Our Nursery is school based, so it has access to all the main school resources including trim trails, a newly developed woodland area and technology facilities. Our Early Years Department, however, also has its own designated outdoor area which includes a wide variety of resources to stimulate learning and development such as a mud kitchen, an outdoor reading area and much more!

The Early Years children are guided by the adults to take responsibility for the school garden. This includes growing flowers and vegetables, creating bug houses and developing a concern for the environment through ensuring plants are regularly watered and cared for. Independence is promoted within daily routines where children are encouraged to work together to tidy up and respect their environment.

During their time in nursery, The Little Learners will begin their learning in the Foundation Stage which ends when they reach Year One. The Early Years Foundation Stage promotes development through 7 areas of learning and development:

  • Communication and language.
  • Physical development.
  • Personal, social, and emotional development.
  • Literacy.
  • Mathematics.
  • Understanding the world.
  • Expressive arts and design.

These 7 areas are used as the main basis for planning children’s learning and activities however this is approached with flexibility to ensure children’s current needs and interests are also incorporated. A parent’s guide to the EYFS can be found here. Our staff are trained to recognise the characteristics of effective learning which are playing and exploring, actively learning, and creating and thinking critically. Through our observations of children engaging in these within their play, we can ensure our planning is relevant to their developing needs.